10 Unique Ways to Use Dog Tag Pendants in Your Everyday Life

dog tag pendant

Are you looking for innovative ways to incorporate a dog tag pendant into your daily routine? You’ve found the right place!

Dog tag pendants are not just for identification anymore. They’ve evolved beyond military symbolism into versatile pendant accessories that you can use in your everyday life. Whether you choose to wear them around your neck or even use them as a decorative piece on your handbag, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Let’s explore 10 unique and creative ways to put these pendants to use.

1. Personalized Necklace

You can transform dog tag pendants into unique necklaces. You can use them to make a bold fashion statement or serve as meaningful mementos.

For example, you can emboss your name or initials on the pendant for a classic necklace. Having “J.D.” engraved on a stainless steel dog tag can be a sleek and minimalist way to incorporate your initials into your daily outfit.

You can also mark an important date, like your anniversary or child’s birthdate, on the pendant. A silver pendant engraved with the date “10.12.20” can serve as a constant reminder of your wedding day or the day your firstborn came into the world.

You can even engrave a motivational quote or a personal mantra on the pendant. A simple, yet powerful phrase such as “Carpe Diem” or “Live, Love, Laugh” on a bronze dog tag can remind you of your life philosophy. It can inspire you as you go through your day.

Lastly, you can get creative and engrave symbols or simple artwork that resonate with you. An eagle or a star on a gold dog tag can represent your free spirit or your high ambitions.

With a dash of creativity and a chain from jewelry stores like Gold Urban, you can transform dog tags into a unique necklace. You can make them say something about who you are.

2. Keychains

Dog tag pendants can be easily converted into stylish and functional keychains. A dog tag keychain is a handy tool to keep your keys organized. It is also a personal item that can reflect your style or passions.

For instance, a pendant engraved with your favorite quote or a beloved pet’s name can be a unique and sentimental keychain. Imagine having “Believe in yourself” or “Max, my faithful friend” on a brass dog tag keychain. Every time you reach for your keys, you’re reminded of your positive mantra or your cherished pet.

You can also use dog tag pendants as keychains to represent your hobbies or interests. A dog tag keychain engraved with a music note or a paintbrush symbol can instantly showcase your love for music or art.

For those in love with travel, a dog tag keychain with the engraving of your favorite city’s skyline or a famous landmark can be your option. It is a creative way to carry a piece of your best travel memories with you wherever you go. An engraved Eiffel Tower or New York skyline on a pendant can be a great conversation starter, too.

Moreover, dog tag keychains can serve as great reminder tools. For example, a keychain with your gym’s logo or a motivational quote can serve as a reminder of your commitment to health and fitness.

Whatever you do, it will add a personal touch to an everyday item. This makes them not just keychains, but keychains that tell your story.

3. Bag Charms

A dog tag pendant can also add a stylish touch to your handbag or backpack. It can serve as an interesting and personalized bag charm.

You can attach the pendant to the zipper of your bag for easy access and added flair. A leather dog tag with your initials, a cute icon, or even a small photo of yourself can transform a plain bag into something unique.

You can also use a dog tag as a decorative piece on the handle of your bag. This adds character to your bag and makes it stand out in a crowd. You can mix and match different pendants to suit your mood or outfit.

Moreover, having a pendant on your bag can make it easier to identify, especially when traveling. A unique pendant will set your bag apart from others, making it easier to spot on the luggage carousel. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about someone mistaking your bag for theirs.

4. Bracelets

Who says dog tags can only be worn around the neck? You can also use them to create stylish and unique bracelets.

You can pair a dog tag with a simple chain bracelet for a subtle yet fashionable look. You can also layer multiple bracelets with different pendants for a bolder statement.

But why stop at just one pendant? You can add multiple dog tags to a single bracelet, creating dog tag jewelry. Each pendant can hold a special meaning.

5. Matching Accessories

If you have a furry friend, you can also incorporate dog tag pendants into their accessories. Matching accessories are not only cute but also a great way to show your bond with your beloved pet.

You can have matching dog tags for you and your dog’s collar. It is an adorable and practical way to ensure that your pet always has identification when out and about. You can even get creative and have matching engraved pendants, like “Mommy” and “Puppy Love,” for a fun twist.

You can also use dog tag pendants as charms on your pet’s leash. You can even create a custom dog tag bracelet with your pet’s name.


One of the pendant applications you can try is to use them as bookmarks. This unique use case keeps your spot in your favorite book. It also adds a personal touch to your reading experience.

For instance, you can have a dog tag pendant engraved with your favorite literary quote or the title of your favorite book. Imagine having “The Great Gatsby” or “To Kill a Mockingbird” engraved on a shining dog tag pendant. It can serve as a constant reminder of the literary masterpiece that has inspired you.

You can also use an image-engraved dog tag as a bookmark. A pendant with an engraved image of a quill or an open book can be a fitting accessory for your reading adventures.

For the avid reader, a dog tag can also hold a list of books to read. It can be a practical and unique tool to track your reading goals. For example, having “Pride and Prejudice” or “1984” engraved on a copper dog tag bookmark can serve as your reading checklist.

Finally, for the sentimental reader, a dog tag bookmark can hold a meaningful date related to your reading journey. For example, you can engrave the date when you first fell in love with reading on the dog tag pendant. It can be a personal reminder of the joy and wonder reading brings into your life.

7. Home Decor

Dog tag pendants can also add a unique touch to your home decor. You can use them as decorative pieces in various areas of your house, such as the living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen.

For example, you can hang multiple dog tags on a rustic string and display them in your living room. They can serve as an unconventional and eye-catching gallery. You can personalize each pendant with a special word or symbol that represents your family members.

You can also use dog tag pendants as curtain tie-backs. This adds a touch of charm and unexpectedness to your window treatment. Plus, you can easily switch out the pendants to match the season or occasion.

8. Picture Frames

Dog tag pendants can also be creatively used to enhance your picture frames. They can serve as a decorative and personalized addition to your cherished photos.

For instance, you can use a dog tag as a title plate for each of your frames. You can have the pendant engraved with the moment or event captured in the photo, like “Graduation Day” or “Family Reunion 2019”. This not only clarifies the context of the photo but also adds a stylish touch to the frame.

In a family photo frame setup, you can have a dog tag pendant for each family member. Each pendant could be engraved with the name and birthdate of the individual. It could be a fun and sentimental way to represent each member in the family gallery.

For couples, a pair of pendants can be used to denote “his” and “her” sides of the photo frame. You can engrave a short, sweet message or the date of a significant event, like the day you first met or your wedding date. It serves as a cute and romantic reminder of your shared moments.

Moreover, you can use dog tags as hanging decorations for your photo frames. Attach them to the bottom or sides of the frame for an added dimension. You can engrave them with inspirational quotes or meaningful symbols to complement the mood of the photo.

With dog tags, your picture frames can tell a deeper and more personal story. You can enrich your memories.

9. Wine Glass Charms

Dog tag pendants can be cleverly used to create distinctive wine glass charms. This unique use can add a personalized touch to your wine glasses, especially during social gatherings or family events.

For example, if you’re hosting a dinner party, you can have dog tag pendants as wine glass charms for each guest. You can engrave each pendant with the guest’s name, a special number, or even a personal symbol.

A dog tag pendant engraved with “John – Wine Connoisseur” or “Sarah – #1 Wine Taster” can add a fun and personalized touch to your party. It also eliminates any mix-ups with the glasses.

For couples hosting a romantic dinner, a pair of dog tags can serve as a sentimental wine glass charm. You can engrave a sweet message or significant date on each pendant.

Imagine having “Forever Yours, Jane” or “Our First Date – 09.18.15” on your wine glass charms. It’s not just romantic but also a beautiful conversation starter.

Dog tags wine glass charms can also be a wonderful gift idea. You can present a set of wine glasses with personalized dog tag charms to a wine-loving friend.

Engraving their name or a special message on the pendants can add a personal touch to your gift. A dog tag charm saying “Cheers to Mike – The Best Friend” or “To Laura, Life is better with Wine and Friends” can make your gift more memorable.

10. Jewelry Box Labels

If you have a collection of jewelry or accessories, dog tags can serve as creative and functional labels for your jewelry box. Utilizing them this way not only adds a unique touch but also helps in staying organized.

Imagine having a dog tag labeled “Rings” hang on a drawer filled with your favorite rings. It gives a clear indication of what’s inside, saving you the time of going through multiple drawers when in a rush.

Similarly, pendants labeled “Bracelets” or “Necklaces” can guide you to the exact compartments. They can help you keep your jewelry box tidy and organized.

In addition to categorizing by the type of jewelry, you can also use dog tag pendants to indicate the color or style of the pieces inside. For instance, you can attach a pendant marked “Silver” to a drawer containing all your silver accessories. Likewise, you could use “Vintage” or “Formal” dog tags to separate your jewelry by their style.

Moreover, these pendant labels can be a fun DIY project. You can customize them to match the aesthetic of your jewelry box or your room decor.

A gold dog tag pendant with a “Pearls” engraving, embellished with a small pearl, can add a classy touch to your box. If you prefer a minimalistic style, you can go for a silver dog tag with a simple “Earrings” engraving to give a sleek look.

A Dog Tag Pendant Can Be Part of Your Everyday Life

A dog tag pendant offers endless possibilities. They are versatile accessories that can be used in various ways to add a personal touch to your everyday items. From necklaces and keychains to bookmarks and home decor, the options are limitless.

Why settle for a plain pendant when you can have one that tells your story? There is no limit to how you can use dog tag pendants in your life. So get creative and have fun with these versatile accessories.


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