2 Tim Burton Movies to Watch This Halloween

2 Tim Burton Movies to Watch This Halloween

With our favorite spooky season right around the corner, we have some exciting movie recommendations that are sure to put you and your family into a creepy, yet festive mood – and who better to bring out your Halloween spirit than the famous Tim Burton?

While we understand your excitement to get into the movie recommendations immediately, we’re going to have to put the brakes on for a few seconds!

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Now, on to the movies!

  1. Beetlejuice

We’re starting off strong with an old classic by Tim Burton!

Beetlejuice mainly follows the story of a young couple who love each other very deeply, but are unfortunately met with an untimely death. It is because of this that the couple become ghosts that are trapped in their old house, until a new family moves in.

The couple, Adam and Barbara, aren’t too thrilled with the new family moving in so they decide to hire a weirdly eccentric exorcist for the living, to drive out the family from their beloved home. However, the couple seems to have bit off more than they could chew, since the exorcist, Beetlejuice, turns out to be a demon who is intent on finding his way back into the living world! With interesting costumes and colorful imagery, this Tim Burton movie feels one of a kind!

It is jam-packed to the brim with humor, and we’re sure that if you haven’t already revisited this classic, it’ll be a treat this Halloween!

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Of course, we’re going to recommend the Nightmare Before Christmas movie – it wouldn’t be Halloween without it!

If you haven’t already seen this, the film follows the character of Jack Skellington who is being congratulated by the people of Halloween Town, for pulling off another successful spooky season! However, Jack seems less than happy to receive such admiration and thanks, as he feels like he’s stuck in a repetitive loop every year. He laments the fact that everything is so familiar when he yearns for a new experience – and, in a twisted way, he gets his wish!

Jack stumbles across Christmas Town and immediately falls in love with the theme of the holiday because it is so different from the one he knows! He excitedly decides to take charge of Christmas and well, this only goes so well! We won’t say much because of spoilers, but this is one Halloween movie you don’t want to miss!

In Conclusion

This wraps up our list of Halloween recommendations and the reason we chose two of Tim Burton’s classics is simple – he represents the creepy and spooky in a unique way that is recognized anywhere around the world! If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching his masterpieces yet, you can start with these two since re-watching them is also equally a joy!


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