A Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist to Follow When You’re Moving Out

move out clean checklist

Are you looking to clean your rented property before leaving? Are you searching for a cleaning checklist to remember all that needs to be done?

Moving is a stressful time. On top of packing and sorting your belongings, there’s also the house you have on rent; you must thoroughly clean it to get your deposit back.

Hiring professional cleaners is sometimes not an option, so we compiled a move out clean checklist to help you.

Gather Supplies

Before you start moving-out cleaning, you need to make sure you have all the tools you need. This makes sure that the whole process is quick and thorough. List all the cleaning supplies, tools, and other necessary things.

Some common things are all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, cleaning cloths, scrub brushes, vacuum cleaners, mops, and garbage bags. It’s also a good idea to have protected gear like gloves and masks on hand, especially when working with harsh chemicals or dusty surfaces.


Decluttering is the initial step in preparing your home for move-out cleaning. It involves systematically going through each room and removing any remaining items, old magazines, or personal belongings that you no longer need. This is the time to decide whether you want to donate, recycle, or dispose of these items.

Decluttering makes cleaning more manageable and ensures that you’re leaving behind a clean slate for the next occupants. If you’ve had a major cleanout and used a dumpster rental, then you are moving in the right direction when it comes to the proper disposal of stuff you will not need.


Dusting is a meticulous process that involves more than just a quick swipe. Begin by dusting all surfaces in each room, from shelves and countertops to picture frames and decor items. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster to trap and remove dust effectively.

Consider spaces where dust accumulates over time, such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, and vents. Dusting these often-overlooked areas enhances the overall cleanliness of the space and contributes to improved indoor air quality.

Walls and Ceilings

Inspecting and cleaning walls and ceilings may not be on your regular cleaning checklist, but it’s essential when moving out. Check for scuffs, marks, or cobwebs that may have accumulated over time.

Mix a mild detergent with water and use a soft cloth or sponge to gently clean any visible spots or stains on the walls. You can try a specialized wall cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water for stubborn marks.

Cleaning ceilings can be more challenging, especially if there are cobwebs or dust buildup in high corners. To reach these areas, use a duster with an extension handle or a microfiber mop. This step enhances the visual appeal of the space. It ensures the next occupants move into a home free of unsightly marks and dust.

Doors and Door Frames

Doors and their frames often accumulate fingerprints, smudges, and general wear and tear over time. Cleaning them is crucial in giving your home a polished look before you move out. Begin by wiping down all doors with a mild soapy solution, paying special attention to handles and knobs, as these areas tend to harbor bacteria and grime.

Use a gentle adhesive remover or a mixture of warm water and vinegar for stubborn marks or adhesive residue from stickers. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry to avoid leaving behind streaks.

Inspect door frames for any visible dirt, scuffs, or damage when addressing them. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean and touch up the paint where marks are present. Well-maintained doors and frames contribute to the property’s overall cleanliness and leave a positive impression on your landlord or the next tenants, potentially increasing the likelihood of a full security deposit refund.


Cleaning windows is a task that can dramatically improve the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior. Start by dusting or vacuuming the window sills and frames to remove loose dirt and debris.

Next, clean the glass with a high-quality cleaner to ensure a streak-free shine. Use a lint-free cloth or newspaper for optimal results, as paper towels can leave lint behind.

If you encounter stubborn spots or sticker residue on the glass, gently scrape it off with a plastic scraper or a credit card to avoid scratching the surface. Pay attention to details like window tracks and hardware, as these areas can accumulate dirt and grime.

Carpets and Flooring

Cleaning your carpets and flooring is essential to leave a fresh and inviting impression when you move out. Begin with carpets by vacuuming to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas and consider using a carpet cleaner or renting a steam cleaner for a deep clean.

Address any stains promptly with an appropriate stain remover, following the product’s instructions carefully. Allowing carpets to dry completely is crucial to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Closets and Cabinets

Leaning closets and cabinets are often overlooked during move-out cleaning but are just as important as cleaning the main living areas. Begin by emptying all closets and cabinets and removing any items left behind.

Wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces with a damp cloth or a gentle cleaning to remove dust and any residual marks. Pay close attention to shelves and rods in closets and the inside of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.


Cleaning your appliances is vital to ensure they are in good condition and ready for the next occupants. Start with the kitchen appliances. Clean the refrigerator, including the interior shelves and drawers.

Remove expired food items and wipe down surfaces with water and baking soda to remove any lingering odors. The oven and range hood should be cleaned to remove grease and food residue. Consider using an oven cleaner for stubborn baked-on stains.

Elevate Your Move Out Clean Checklist

In conclusion, following a comprehensive move out clean checklist is important when moving out of a residence. Doing so ensures that all areas of the residence are thoroughly cleaned to an acceptable standard and can be used to get a full deposit back.

Don’t forget to enlist the help of your friends and family to make the process easier and faster! So what are you waiting for? Start cleaning and get that full deposit back today!

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