5 Innovative Ways Solar Solutions Are Revolutionizing Clean Energy

solar solutions

Solar energy has risen to massive popularity among the population, with about 68% of people favoring solar energy over other sources. As the world’s population moves toward more sustainable, renewable sources, solar solutions are what many of us look to to lead the charge.

But what is solar energy, and how does such a renewable resource help? More importantly, how does solar help to protect the environment?

If you’re curious about solar energy, we’re here to help guide you. Read on to learn more about how solar panels help to protect our world, and how they can help you as well.

1. Massive Emission Reductions

It’s no secret that non-renewable “fossil fuels” are responsible for a staggering amount of emissions. According to some studies, fossil fuels account for 75% of global gas emissions. Furthermore, they’re responsible for almost 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

With such massive numbers, finding a way to reduce this amount is crucial. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to do so with society so dependent on fossil fuels. That goes especially for the power sector.

In the power sector, electricity generation gives off about 1.65 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. One of the ways that we can help to lower this amount is through solar energy.

During operation, solar energy does not produce carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases. Your solar panels will not cause further pollution while in operation.

Some detractors of solar protest this statistic. You’ll often find them quick to remind others that solar panels give off emissions during construction.

It’s important to understand that this is a true claim. The manufacturing of solar panels is not emission-free. There are also risks in the handling of chemicals to make solar panel cells.

However, this is true for practically any product that needs manufacturing. Once solar panels are in use, they’ll drastically reduce the average emissions of your home.

2. Helping to Power Communities

Did you know that solar panels don’t only provide energy to your home? Solar panels are great for helping to power the community around you.

The main way this is done is through something called “net metering.” Not all communities offer this, so before you get excited, make sure that your community allows net metering.

Net metering occurs when your home is generating more electricity than it needs. The excess energy flows out of your home and into the grid, helping to power the homes around you. As a result, the power company doesn’t need to send that power out across the grid.

Some states will recompensate you through tax credits or utility credits, financially rewarding you for your excess energy. It’s a great way to reduce emissions not just for your home, but for your community at large. Speak to the local trusted solar installers in Washington to discuss whether this is a benefit you can enjoy.

In addition, you’ll also enjoy having more independence from your utility company. Rather than being fully dependent on them for energy, your home will generate the majority – or all – of its own. During times of crisis such as a natural disaster, this can be an incredible boon.

3. Protecting Wildlife

Do you think about how your home impacts the wildlife around you? You may have considered how your fence impacts squirrels, or how a few bird houses impact your local birds. But what’s the overall consequence of your home?

When thinking of this, you should consider how your power is generated as well. One common critique of solar panels is that they negatively impact wildlife. But how?

Primarily, the argument is that solar plants require a wide area. Solar plants are large installations that feature hundreds or thousands of solar panels. These need large, clear areas of land, which can lead to clearing away the natural environment.

However, with good placement and planning, this problem is considerably mitigated. It’s also an argument that exists for nearly any source of power. Dams obstruct rivers, coal mines tear up the environment and pollute, oil refineries churn out waste and can cause destructive spills, and so on.

Moreover, the solar panels¬†on your home are not responsible for such issues. Your roof is many things, but it hopefully isn’t the natural environment for many animals. If it is, you’re likely in need of a roof replacement.

So don’t worry about your new solar panels destroying the environment. Your solar panels will help to protect the environment rather than cause destruction.

4. Safer Construction and Operation

Solar panel construction is heavily criticized, but there are more factors than you may think. The solar panel manufacturing process helps to reduce the carbon footprint through customizability.

A good example of this is thin-film solar panels. These require less energy to create versus other types like silicon modules. As such, they have a lower carbon footprint.

Solar panels also operate much safer than other types of energy production. Solar power helps to reduce sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and more hazards that can cause health problems. Overall, solar panels can result in fewer respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular issues.

5. Continuous Growth

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of solar solutions is that they’re still constantly growing. Solar has seen considerable growth over the last two decades and is only continuing to enjoy this surge in interest.

As carbon emissions continue to worsen, many people are looking to solar energy to help solve the issue of climate change. Global warming is an enormous stress point for younger generations in particular, meaning that younger generations are more likely to adopt this renewable resource.

Don’t just keep your eye on solar and watch it grow. Instead, become an adopter and help solar grow by being an example to your neighbors and friends.

Finding New Solar Solutions

Solar solutions are a crucial way to help protect the environment. Solar energy generates less carbon emissions than non-renewable sources, while solar panels are safe and healthy for the environment.

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