Top Strategies to Sustain and Grow Your TikTok Views

TikTok Views

TikTok is a leading social media platform with billions of users active on it. Whether you are an individual creator, a brand, or a creative team, TikTok views are essential to build a thriving presence on the platform. Even the TikTok algorithms consider accounts with a high number of views as genuine, valuable, and engaging enough to promote. The platform has a global reach, but to leverage its full potential, using some of the best strategies to increase the views is essential. Even as a creator, your work must be recognized and supported by your audience in order to keep you inspired to create more. On the other side, without the desired views and likes, your TikTok account looks like a barren land. However, in this article, we will discuss some top strategies to increase the number of views and convert your account into a thriving oasis of engagement and followers. From creating quality content to embracing trends, we will go through all the essential points and discuss them.

High-Quality Content

TikTok is a platform where all age groups are present and actively engaging with different profiles and people. The content you create should resonate with your target group to bring the maximum views. For example, being a standard video creator, your target audience will be of age between 16 to 35, and for them, sponsored and overly promotional content is a big red flag. They want interesting, exciting, unique, and high-quality content that can refresh and cheer up their mood and the tiredness of the whole day. The content should be such that the audience cannot stop themselves from watching it. Experiment with new formats, trends, and challenges to keep your material interesting and engaging. When the content is of high quality, the engagement increases, and increased engagement leads to more visibility and more views. Besides that, quality content is more likely to be shared with peers and thus bring even more views and breathe life into your account.

Use Hashtags Appropriately

Hashtags are something that not only increases views but also makes your content reach the right people at the right time, which increases engagement and followers also. Creators who search and make use of trending and relevant hashtags and keywords in description are more likely to be discovered by a broad audience. They can search your content using the keyword or the right hashtags. Moreover, you also get the way to describe TikTok algorithms about the niche of your content and make it easy for them to categorize and make it reach the right people. Besides that, choose to make videos on the trending hashtags purposely, as they have more chances to be shown on the for you page.

Upload multiple times a day

When the right audience is active, and your content can go viral, is difficult to predict. Therefore, keep adding new content at different times, especially if you are a new account struggling with even the views. The more you publish, the more views you get. Now, TikTok itself recommends posting 2 to 4 times a day to make your account reach more and increase views. But it’s equally important to choose the optimal times in the day when most of the audience is active. Adding relevant content mixed with trending hashtags, sounds, effects, and filters published at the right time increases the chances of being shown on the For You page, which can make even a small creator an overnight sensation.

Purchase Some TikTok views

Many people consider this unethical to buy followers, but it is a shortcut to kickstart your TikTok journey or even fuel it up if it stops. Being a new creator, it’s tough to get even a minor number of views. Even the algorithm does not increase its reach unless it gets the surety that the content has enough value. Value is defined by how much people view and engage with your content. In such a situation, you can buy views for TikTok, get the initial boost once and reach a broad audience. Once that reach is gained, your account also becomes eligible for mass reach and high visibility organically also. Moreover, buying views is combined with getting engagement and followers as organic reach due to those views bringing much-required engagement and followers.

Ride on the Trends

Trends are the life and soul of TikTok that has helped creators to become overnight sensations. Trends give your content a massive reach; no other strategy can. High reach and more visibility help creators to grow the TikTok views and ride on the boat of immense success on the platform. TikTok algorithms promote videos on trends and show them more frequently on the “for you” page, which increases its visibility. When a trend starts, more and more people start searching for it, and the chances of your discoverability also increase with that. Trends can be anything from hashtags, dance battles, lip sync challenges, iconic dialogues, and trending sounds to something exciting like flip the bottle challenge or aging filter. Stay updated with such trends and incorporate them into your content with a pinch of your own creativity to make it distinctive from others.

Duet or Collaborations with prominent personalities

Collaboration with prominent influencers in your niche might help you tap into their community, expose your content to their followers, and achieve more views. Along with that, features like duet videos and stitching are also a good option if you can’t reach out to them. Dueting allows you to stitch your video with the video of a popular creator, like a split screen, and add their hashtags, brands, or other relevant description to get exposure and bring views.


Growing TikTok views is crucial to maintain a reputable and engaging presence on the platform. They are the first step towards getting more likes, comments, and followers. It’s vital to create high-quality content that hooks the interest of the audience. It’s equally important to make that content reach a broad audience using the best strategies discussed in this article. People watch content that is interesting, exciting, and worth their time; therefore, try creating content that revolves around the trends. Funny, witty, exciting, interesting, humorous, informative, and educational are some common types of content that perform well on this platform.


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