From Pillows to Powerlifters: 5 Must-Haves After Back Surgery

must-haves after back surgery

Back surgery is pretty much like climbing Everest backward. It’s a painful uphill battle, but at the top of the mountain, a brand new, pain-free life is waiting for you!

And just like a mountain climb, you’ll need some gear to make your recovery journey smoother. From comfy pillows to power-lifting devices, we have listed the topĀ five must-haves after back surgery.

It will have you scaling your recovery mountain like a pro! So strap on your hiking boots, and let’s get you prepped for this adventure!

1. Ergonomically Designed Pillows

After back surgery, your spine needs all the support it can get. Investing in a good quality body pillow is crucial for your recovery.

Look for pillows designed to support and align your neck and spine while sleeping. This will help with any post-surgery discomfort and promote better sleep, which is essential for your body to heal.

2. Lumbar Support Cushions

Sitting down for extended periods can be uncomfortable and even painful. That’s where lumbar support cushions come in.

These specially designed cushions provide extra support and cushioning for your lower back. It reduces strain on different types of spinal surgery while sitting. So, whether in the car, at work, or just relaxing at home, have a lumbar support cushion handy.

3. Compression Garments

During back surgery recovery, your doctor may recommend wearing compression garments. This will help with pain and inflammation.

The garments provide gentle pressure on muscles and joints. It can reduce swelling and promote blood flow, speeding up healing.

So don’t be afraid to rock that compression sleeve or brace. It’s just another tool to help you on your road to recovery.

4. Assistive Devices

Depending on your back surgery type, your doctor may recommend using assistive devices. This could include a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair.

These devices can provide extra support. They allow stability as you navigate your way through daily activities.

These devices may not be necessary for everyone. But they can make it easier and safer for you to move around during your recovery period.

5. Physical Therapy Equipment

After surgery, physical therapy will play a crucial role in your recovery process. You may be prescribed exercises or stretches that need specific equipment. This may include resistance bands, foam rollers, or exercise balls.

These tools can help target specific areas and aid in your rehabilitation. So make sure to have them on hand for your home workouts.

Embrace Your Journey With These Must-Haves After Back Surgery

Recovering from back surgery is no easy feat. But with the right tools, you can make it smoother and more comfortable. Always consult with your doctor before using any equipment or starting any exercises.

With these five must-haves after back surgery, you’ll be well-prepared. So, take one step at a time, listen to your body, and embrace your recovery journey. You’ve got this!

Ready to conquer your recovery journey? There’s a lot more to learn and explore. Visit our blog for more insightful articles and tips to help you.

Keep pushing forward, and we’re with you every step of the way!

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