4 Benefits of Using Oasis Foam Blocks for Floral Arrangements

oasis foam blocks

It’s hard to believe that the global cut flowers market is worth a staggering $36.4 billion.

Fresh flowers bring life and color to any space, and creating stunning floral arrangements is an art form. To achieve beautiful and long-lasting displays, many florists and enthusiasts turn to fresh floral foam.

How can Oasis foam blocks help? Read on to learn about why every florist should use them.

1. Oasis Foam Blocks Enhance Freshness and Longevity

Oasis foam blocks are specially designed to keep fresh flowers hydrated. They ensure that they stay vibrant and beautiful for an extended period of time. The fresh floral foam has a unique cellular structure that absorbs and holds water in an efficient way.

This means that your flowers receive a continuous water supply. This will extend their lifespan and keep them looking fresh for days. This feature is particularly beneficial for events or occasions where long-lasting, eye-catching arrangements are essential.

2. Secure Stem Grip

One of the standout features of oasis floral foam for flower shops is its exceptional stem grip. When arranging flowers, securing them in place is crucial for achieving the desired shape and structure.

The all-purpose foam provides a firm grip on the stems. This prevents them from shifting or falling out of place.

This stability not only simplifies the arranging process but also ensures that your floral masterpiece remains intact, even during transportation or if displayed in high-traffic areas.

3. Versatility for Creative Floral Arrangement Designs

Oasis foam blocks are quite versatile. They can be shaped and cut to fit various containers or floral designs with ease.

This flexibility allows for the creation of elaborate and unique arrangements. It means that you can cater to different preferences and occasions.

Whether you’re crafting a centerpiece for a wedding or a simple bouquet for a friend, the all-purpose foam provides a solid foundation for your creativity to blossom. Its adaptability makes it a go-to choice for florists seeking to bring their imaginative visions to life.

4. Fresh Floral Foam Helps Distribute Water

Efficient water distribution is crucial for maintaining the freshness of your flowers, and Oasis foam blocks excel in this aspect. The foam’s composition allows for uniform water saturation throughout the block. It ensures that each flower in the arrangement receives an adequate amount of water.

This consistent hydration not only promotes the longevity of the flowers but also prevents premature wilting. As a result, you’ll always have a stunning display. With Oasis foam blocks, you can trust that your floral arrangements will stand the test of time.

Using All-Purpose Foam Can Work Wonders for Flowers

The use of Oasis foam blocks for floral arrangements comes with an amazing range of benefits. This is why they’re a preferred choice among florists and DIY enthusiasts alike.

From enhancing the freshness and longevity of fresh flowers to providing a secure stem grip and offering versatility for creative designs, the all-purpose foam plays a crucial role in elevating the art of floral arranging.

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